Demolition and Deconstruction

Morecroft Contractors are experts in Demolition and Earthworks and provide a wide range of services in the construction industry

Industrial Decommissioning & Dismantling

De-planting | Hot & Cold Cutting & Shearing | Dismantling

We are specialists in the deconstruction and dismantling of redundant industrial facilities and plant. We offer this service as a stand-alone provision or a fully project managed solution from initial assessment through to site handover.We are specialists in the deconstruction and dismantling of redundant industrial facilities and plant. We offer this service as a stand-alone provision or a fully project managed solution from initial assessment through to site handover.

Our skilled teams are able to carry out industrial deconstruction and decommissioning works using safe and innovative solutions. Some of our past projects of this nature have included petro-chemical tanks, large-scale industrial injection moulding machinery, along with the removal of their associated plant and hazardous substances. Large conveyor belts and redundant Dairy holding tanks and structures.

  • De-planting & Dismantling
  • Asset Appraisal & Recovery
  • Project Management
  • Hot & Cold Cutting & Shearing
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Metal Recycling

Morecroft Contractors have worked on numerous industrial decommissioning projects over the years. Often working within safety critical industries, we understand the stringent requirements to adopt specialist processes for working under highly controlled conditions within sensitive environments and we act on these with a robust safety first approach with detailed planning and a competently trained workforce.

Earthworks & Remediation

Excavation | Decontamination | Land Restoration

We specialise in Earthworks from House sites and footings, power line and fibre trenching and installation right through to bulk earthworks and contaminated soil remediation. Our experienced team of licenced excavator operators and transport trucks can get it moved.

Due to an ever-increasing availability of development land, we understand the growing demands on infrastructure and that available sites are re-used and maximised where possible. This is particularly evident in the housing market where local councils have opened up parcels of land for redevelopment opportunities, a key indicator of the current land acquisition challenges faced by developers.

  • Bulk earthworks & disposal
  • House site and footings
  • Power line and Fibre cable trenching and installation
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Cut and fill
  • Back filling
  • Land Restoration
  • Contaminated soil removal and remediation
  • Groundwater decontamination

Through our skilled in-house teams and environmental partners, we work closely with developers and other client types to maximise on these opportunities with the provision of earthworks & remediation services. Our skilled teams are on hand to safely remove and dispose of pollutants and contaminants from soil and groundwater, such as Asbestos, lead, arsenic and hydrocarbons. Working to strict environmental regulatory requirements set out by WorkSafe New Zealand, ground materials suspected of contaminants are thoroughly tested before removal from site, with testing and clearance to confirm the finished result.

Demolition & Deconstruction

Demolition | Controlled Deconstruction | Material Recycling

Demolition is at the heart of what we do. Our skilled teams are able to deliver the full mix of project types from rural to city centre commercial, right through to heavy industrial demolition. Some of our general demolition projects include large steel framed buildings and commercial units through to residential homes.

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Residential
  • Healthcare

Our vast knowledge and experience of demolition facilitates the provision of projects across a variety of private and public sectors, utilising our comprehensive range of in-house equipment and plant. We encourage early engagement with projects to efficiently tailor a turn-key solution for the client at the best possible value. Years of experience within the industrial field has led to industrial demolition capabilities in both live and redundant environments, sitting hand-in-hand with our Industrial decommissioning & dismantling offering. Demolition projects of this nature include petro-chemical, industrial plants and large-scale manufacturing facilities, often undertaken under highly controlled conditions within sensitive environments. In addition to demolition, we offer a holistic suite of additional services, closely aligned to our demolition division to strengthen our project management capabilities, providing a one-stop solution for our clients. Additional services include full asbestos management, soft strip, waste removal and recycling, earthworks and remediation, provided both in-house and through our team of hand-picked approved suppliers, managed by us.

Site Clearance & Recycling

Site Clearance | Recycling

To assist in the land preparation of development sites, we provide a complete site clearance service offered in conjunction with our carefully handpicked team of licenced environmental operatives. Equipped with our in-house qualified Aborist, using machinery and expertise, we can ensure the safe and skilled removal of unwanted obstacles from your site.

Large trees and their stumps, vegetation, fly-tipped general waste as well as the removal of hazardous waste products, carefully undertaken in line with current legislation.

Concrete and brick demolition arisings can be crushed and stockpiled onsite to a range of certified classes for re-use at later stages of the construction process.

As part of our ongoing commitment to responsible waste management, we provide a detailed programme, tailored to each demolition contract, to ensure that all waste streams are segregated and cleared safely from site, in line with current legal requirements. Recyclable waste materials such as metal, wood and other recyclable arisings are sent to our team of approved recycling partners for onward use in their day to day processes.

Asbestos Removal

Safely and Cost effectively remove asbestos from your home or site

Asbestos Disposal

Safely dispose of asbestos

Contaminated Soil

Asbestos, Heavy Metals, Hydrocarbons. If you have it, we remove it

Reports and Recommendations

Our qualified consultants provide expert guidance on dealing with asbestos

Asbestos surveys

We provide expert management, refurbishment and demolition surveys

Asbestos identification

Our surveys locate and identify where asbestos may be found

Air monitoring

Air monitoring helps ensure the health and safety of individuals living or working around asbestos

Asbestos Management plans

We help you manage the risks of asbestos

Consulting, Advice & Awareness Training

Our qualified consultants provide expert consulting, advice and training on dealing with asbestos


Demolition & Deconstruction


Industrial Decommissioning & Dismantling


Earthworks & Remediation

Site Clearance

Site Clearance & Recycling

Touch points and surfaces

Environmental & surface testing & cleaning

Air Quality

Comprehensive air monitoring and testing

Hygiene and Sanitation

Training and assessment of your cleaning team to utilise our technology and systems

Pandemic response

Response personnel and equipment to deal with any hazardous and microbial risk to your facility and teams

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