Mould remediation

Morecroft understands the science behind mould growth. We can safely and efficiently remediate your property by either cleaning or removing the contaminated materials.

Mould: Testing & Removal

Mould: what is it?

Moulds are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. Moulds grow best in warm, damp, and humid conditions and reproduce by making spores which can spread and become airborne and settle on surfaces. Exposure to mould can occur via inhalation, ingestion and contact with mucus membranes (eg. eyes)


The health risks of mould

Mould is strongly linked to poor health outcomes, such as respiratory illnesses and worsening asthma. Mould also damages walls, ceilings, and floors, and can damage a tenant’s possessions.

Why choose Morecroft for mould remediation?

Morecroft’s occupational hygienists are experts in the field and well placed to assist you in identifying the problem by undertaking preliminary or detailed mould inspection, mould testing and mould contamination assessment.

Asbestos Removal

Safely and Cost effectively remove asbestos from your home or site

Asbestos Disposal

Safely dispose of asbestos

Contaminated Soil

Asbestos, Heavy Metals, Hydrocarbons. If you have it, we remove it

Reports and Recommendations

Our qualified consultants provide expert guidance on dealing with asbestos

Asbestos surveys

We provide expert management, refurbishment and demolition surveys

Asbestos identification

Our surveys locate and identify where asbestos may be found

Air monitoring

Air monitoring helps ensure the health and safety of individuals living or working around asbestos

Asbestos Management plans

We help you manage the risks of asbestos

Consulting, Advice & Awareness Training

Our qualified consultants provide expert consulting, advice and training on dealing with asbestos


Demolition & Deconstruction


Industrial Decommissioning & Dismantling


Earthworks & Remediation

Site Clearance

Site Clearance & Recycling

Touch points and surfaces

Environmental & surface testing & cleaning

Air Quality

Comprehensive air monitoring and testing

Hygiene and Sanitation

Training and assessment of your cleaning team to utilise our technology and systems

Pandemic response

Response personnel and equipment to deal with any hazardous and microbial risk to your facility and teams

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